REO-ECO is a Vertical Recycled Polyester Mill, creating new industrial platform for global brands for better sustainability, with its most advanced technology throughout a vertically integrated supply chain.
**Mission**: REO-ECO's mission is to revolutionize the fashion industry by innovatively transforming discarded plastic bottles into high-quality recycled polyester materials. Our commitment is to reduce plastic pollution, lower resource consumption, and drive sustainable fashion, contributing to a better life for our planet and future generations.

Our vision is to be the global leader in sustainable fashion solutions, characterized by a vertically integrated supply chain that not only autonomously collects plastic bottles but also directly spins them into premium recycled polyester materials. We aim to set the benchmark for green, innovative, and sustainable practices in the fashion industry. Our aspiration is a world free from plastic pollution, abundant in resources, where every fashion choice contributes to the well-being of our planet.

**Sustainability**: We firmly believe that sustainability is the key to the future. We are dedicated to reducing environmental impact and meeting the needs of the fashion industry through green innovations.
**Quality and Innovation**: We relentlessly pursue excellence in quality and continuous innovation. Our products represent the perfect blend of high quality, high performance, and fashion.
**Transparency**: We are committed to providing transparency, allowing customers to understand the source of our materials, manufacturing processes, and environmental footprint. Integrity and transparency are the cornerstones of our business.
**Social Responsibility**: We care about society and embrace social responsibility. We collaborate with communities and support environmental initiatives to improve the quality of life.
**Collaboration and Creativity**: We encourage teamwork and unleash creativity. We believe that through collective effort and innovative thinking, we can achieve greater goals.
REO-ECO believes in >>>More Trust, Less Cost<<<, join with us for a better world !

What Do We Do?

● r-PET Woven Fabric

Silky Polyester Woven Fabric

Outerwear Woven Fabric

Swimwear Woven Fabric

Sports Woven Fabric

● r-PET Filament Yarn




Our Strengths, Eco-System